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GPS India™ is a well-known name in the country for satellite navigation today. We are marketing navigation, communication, optical, tactical products & solutions since 2004 – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. For more than six years the name GPS India™ has stood for highest quality products and customized solutions across all areas, as one of the leading solution providers in each of the respective field. We constantly set ourselves the challenge of developing creative answers, which satisfy the requests and requirements of our customers. GPS India™ is committed to bring best of technologies to customers, available worldwide – be it navigation expertise or bringing the expertise in any other field of requirement. GPS India TM is always ready to work one-to-one with each of its customer to offer quality & reliability at reasonable price. At GPS India™, we believe that it is not enough to supply technically superior products; service, expertise and local support are also important. We have been recognized & acknowledged by large base of customers for the assistance it provides round the clock. Our team is ready to help users across a range of subjects to solve technical and service problems to customers across the country. We don’t just sell a product - we embrace our customers. From aviation to marine, automotive to fitness, communication solutions to outdoor recreation, we’re always thinking of innovative & new ways to adapt and provide better solutions. Brands representation :- GARMIN Sennheiser Fujinon Apresys Handheld DALI
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